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Registering a complaint through official channels

There are several options available if you would like to register an official complaint about airport noise or low-flying planes arriving/departing Gabreski.

At Gabreski

If the plane is
civilian (or if you're not sure), call the office of the Airport Manager, Anthony Ceglio, at 852-8095, or e-mail him at There is supposed to be an answering machine in case you want to make a complaint outside regular business hours.

If you don't get any response from Mr. Ceglio, you might try calling his boss, James Morgo, at the Suffolk County Department of Economic Development, 853-4800, or e-mail him at

If the plane is a
military one, contact the Air National Guard or Coast Guard via one or more of the following options:

Call the ANG Operations Center, 723-7362. This should be open whenever the Air Guard is flying (which often includes evenings).

Call Air Guard Lt. Colonel Michael F. Canders, 723-7403. Voicemail is available on this line after hours.

Security police, presumably operating 24/7, can be reached at 723-7478. This number should probably only be used in an emergency situation.

The Coast Guard is the owner of the red-orange helicopter often seen flying low in the area. The Coast Guard can be reached at 288-0014 or -0015.

Federal Aviation Administration

Call the Operations Inspector at the
FAA Flight Standards District Office in Farmingdale, 631-755-1300, Ext. 249 (voicemail available on this extension after hours).

The Operations Inspector can issue warnings or violations if there is "positive identification"-meaning that you have the plane's registration number.

In the absence of a registration number, the Operations Inspector might still be able to talk to the crew or the tower if the flight can be identified with reasonable certainty. This would require a fairly precise arrival/departure time, during relatively unbusy hours, for a plane flying under "instrument flight rules." The tower maintains a record of IFR flights-which would include, for example, most private/corporate jets flying between Gabreski and LaGuardia.

The FAA also operates a Noise Hotline at its Regional Office at JFK, 718-995-5655. This office does not investigate specific noise episodes but does track the volume/frequency of general noise complaints so the FAA will know where the problems are. The more complaints (assuming it's not the same person every day) , the more likely the FAA is to pay attention.

Elected officials

Make your feelings known to County Legislator Jay Schneiderman, 852-8400, who chairs the Airport Lease Screening Committee. If enough voters register their opinions, aviation growth may seem less appealing. You can write him at 75 Washington Street, P.O. Box 1827, Sag Harbor, NY 11963, or e-mail him at

Finally, you can call County Executive Steve Levy, 853-4000; you can also write him at P.O. Box 6100, Hauppauge, NY 11788, or e-mail him at

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