Coalition Against Airport Pollution

Stop mindless growth at Gabreski Airport


Registering a Complaint

Here you will find three kinds of information about registering a noise complaint:

• Use CAAP's online complaint form

• File a complaint through
official channels

• Obtain an aircraft's
registration number

By filling out
CAAP's online complaint form, you can be sure there will be a record of your complaint! The information you provide will help us determine which types of aircraft are causing most noise problems and what areas are most affected.

Filing a complaint through
official channels will help send the message that area residents are unhappy with existing noise levels…even without expansion of air traffic at Gabreski. If you also fill out our online form, we will be able to determine whether all complaints made to the Airport Manager are actually being recorded.

The plane's registration number is usually on the side of the aircraft toward the rear. If you are not able to see the number, you may be able to obtain it online if you know the arrival or departure time.

If you're already familiar with the above information, you may wish to go directly to our Quick Reference page.

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